Conservator Sherif Afifi

Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

Attaching a new thread to a short one during book quires sewing. I understand that this topic maybe not a knowledge target for binders and conservators professionals who normally knows by heart how to do attaching a new thread to the short one during sewing process and we do it thousands of times on our daily binding and sewing work. So! What features this knot do you think it should carry? Features!! What a strange word for such a very basic and regular process for book binder and book conservators as well, but think carefully now! mmmm yes! It should more >.

As a conservator and book binders deals with several materials specially paper based material, it is important to understand the paper grain direction theory and get a practical training about determining the grain direction for a several paper based materials whether it is machine made or more >

grain direction & folding
Shelf marks

labels on rare collections (Books, Manuscripts, documents, photo albums ..etc) are glued on these objects and after some time it cause damage to the original  binding material this damages mostly is irreversible damages most of the time.... read more >

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