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By: Sherif Afifi | November 06, 2017

Islamic Headband
    Chevron pattern endband or what known as Islamic endband is one of the most beautiful historical endband styles. however, some of emerging conservator-restorer and bookbinders finding it not that easy to sewing the Islamic chevron endband; thinking it is more complicated endband technique than most of the other western endbands.
The good news is after this video tutorial the Islamic endband will not be complicated anymore, and the bad news is... Likely there is no bad news today ;) you will master the chevron pattern endband finally :)

Now you need to prepare your Islamic binding text-block model, a 3 to 5 mm piece of leather as a core, linen thread No.150 for the loom as tie-downs, and 2...

By: Sherif Afifi | July 26, 2017

During last few months I was searching and collecting Endbands (Headbands) images. trying to classifying those images according to the headband period and technique, or according to its name. But recently there is a lot of debates about the Endbands codicological terms and names, some conservators say that the number of different endbands and different variations of endbands is so great that another system of classification and naming needs to be devised.

According to some researchers and books, there is some sort of classification for Endbands (Headbands) which researchers use, for example, the book Headbands, How to Work Them, by  Jane Greenfield ...

By: Sherif Afifi | June 04, 2017

As the main goal, never ever replace rare book's original handmade headband with a new one, it is one of the most important historical evidence which carries a lot of codicology information. However, conserving this headband - if necessary - is the optimum choice. 

Deteriorated Headband

What does Headband (Endband) mean?
Headbands are one of the bookbinding characteristics, especially most often found with hardcovers. The headband (or in sometimes called Endband) made up of a small cord or strip acting as a support of material affixed near the spine to provide structural reinforcement and sometimes decorative effect.

Headband deterioration
Wrong method of pulling a book out

The most common physical deteriorating effect is readers common to pull a book out by hooking their finger over the top edge of the book spine, which create a physical force to the headband resulting after hundreds of this action a severe damage. Rather than other chemical deterioration factors representing headband material acidity.

Here is a video demonstrate unusual way to conserve and restore headband;

Note: in the few next weeks I may write a description of this method.

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