Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

By: Sherif Afifi | September 02, 2017

Antique Photographs Process Identification Android App

Whether you are an archivist at a large museum, a volunteer at a local historical society, or the family historian, it’s important to know the vintage and type of photographs in your collection. 

Numerous types of photographs appeared and then went out of favor throughout the 1800s. So, the first step in narrowing the possible date for your old photograph is to be able to identify 19th-century photographs to determine what type you have. The information provided in this handy and light application can turn you into a proficient photo detective.

Process Types

Through this FREE android application (Antique Photograph Process Identification), you will find various information about most known antique photographs types. whether it is a direct positive like Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, and Tintype, or from a negative for instance, Salted paper print, gelatine prints, and albumen prints.etc.
Ther information in this application covers the main features of the identified type and its layers and support materials, in addition, some information about its deterioration features.
Mostly it will include a YouTube video about how this type is made and other examples on Google Cultural Institute 
Some other useful links are added to the application for the most well-known photograph institution as well as some Youtube videos about photographs conservation techniques which have been applied in most cases for some research purpose by me.

NEW Interface and options are coming soon
At the time being, I am working hard to update this application with new features and options for naive users, which will make antique photographs identification easier for those who are not professionals or not fully familiar with photo types to help them at least to get a basic idea of their family and private photograph collection. 
FREE Download of this Application from Google Play Store:

This application gives you basic information about antique photographs types, but if you would like to take action to those photographs you should consult an expert before taking any action.

Here is a video show you how this Android application works:

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Antique Photograph Process Identification 

Sherif Afifi

Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

By: Sherif Afifi | June 23, 2017

Thoughts of saving the historical evidence, during conservation and restoration process; is the main objective that all professional conservators are keen of. Moreover, before taking any conservation or restoration decision or action; conservators carefully should study hard the object history and condition.Curators work closely with conservators to identify the object's history, identity, originality, and all other codicological and curatorial pieces of information.

marble paper tills a lot about the book
Therefore, marble paper considered as one of the books sights that carry a lot of historical evidence, for instance, it carries information about the object binding history, technique, and whether it is the first (original) binding or a later on binding or restoration.

The idea of carrying a handy and easy to use yet mobile application, which carries out all the information and history about marble papers, was one of my dreams in creating a knowledge sharing culture since I have many dreams regarding this sharing conservation culture.

Marble paper pattern and methods guide mobile application for conservators, bookbinders, curators, and researchers, helps to identify most of the vintage marble paper patterns from the 15th century to 19th century, giving you an idea about how to marbling and how was each pattern made.

Work offline
No need for internet access or spending more money on your mobile data plan. After downloading and installing marble paper guide, the majority of its functions are working offline.

Easy and simple menus

Easy to find and identify a marble paper pattern
Find by pattern:
After installing this FREE Android application, you will immediately discover that it is easier now for conservators in just a click to find more information about the marble paper that he is working on (for conservation-restoration or even binding), just by comparing its pattern with many patterns on this application and start navigating more historical information and similar patterns.

Searching by name:
Easy off-line search is available, just type the pattern name or any other keywords, and the built-in search engine will guide you to find more possibility results untell you find the required information or pattern.

Grouped by century:
If you are searching for a marble paper in a period of time or specific century, for example, in case of using a marble paper to meet the requirement of a historical period binding technique, this grouping option is the assistant, which classify all the marble paper patterns according to its creation century and its common usage.

More options are there in this marble paper guide FREE application, and here is a video that describes and demonstrates this Android application;

A FREE download for this application is available on Google Play Store for Android mobile, unfortunately, it is not available yet on IOS. If you are interested in MORE of other conservation and restoration Android mobile applications, which have been developed by me; please visit my Google Play page. Furthermore, your rating and review definitely are a huge support to me, which encourages me for developing more mobile applications for conservators. As well as your feedback is highly appreciated and will help me to improve my applications.
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Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture
Sherif Afifi
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