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By: Sherif Afifi | July 22, 2020

Paper Mending

   New series of paper mending conservation and restoration tutorials which will focus on the techniques and secrets of paper conservation. keep tuned on, these tutorials will be captured regularly in short and informative episodes. Keep tuned 😉

just be careful during the repair process and Don't use:
  • Tape (sellotape), scotch tape, Etc.
  • Filmoplast P Tape, it is archival but not recommended for rare objects due to its reversibility.
  • Heatset tissue (shiny and uses heat). However, it is reversible with isopropyl alcohol, acid-free, and buffered with magnesium carbonate. As well it has long fibers, and it is transparent.

In conclusion, all types of commercial self-adhesive tapes should be avoided in historic document conservation and restoration.

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