Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

By: Sherif Afifi | December 24, 2016

A challenging project was done by a teamwork of 8 conservators who are a master student on Conservation of Antique Photographic and Paper Heritage (EICAP)

This assignment was assigned by Prof. Simona Inserra for a fully deteriorated 17th-century rare book.

To demonstrate a restoration process under limited or very small budget and absent of most of the conservation labs equipment and in a very short time, this assignment was a good experience for my teamwork for working in a conservation lab that has a limited budget.

Challenges was
The time (only 8 days available)
The materials were limited
The tools were basic

That was the power of teamwork.

Sherif Afifi
Wael Mohamed
Mei Bayomi
Ahmed Adel
Heba Sherif
Sara Ismael
Yaser Abdelrady
Reham Tarek

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Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture
Sherif Afifi

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