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By: Sherif Afifi | December 24, 2020

paper repair

Paper mending and repair techniques and secrets. Episode three, Mending clean-cut technique. Paper mending and repair tutorials playlist:

What is Reemay?

Reemay is a non-woven polyester fabric. - It used as a support media for documents to be repaired, interleaving, or drying material. more info about Reemay:

What is Japanese tissue? 

 A strong thin paper made from vegetable fibers. May be made from one of three plants: Kozo plant, Mitsumata, and Gampi tree. in this video tutorial, I am using here (CMC 6%) Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose as an adhesive. 

Don't use: 

- Tape (sellotape), scotch tape, Etc. 

- Filmoplast P Tape, it is archival but not recommended for rare objects due to its reversibility. 

- Heatset tissue (shiny and uses heat) However, it is reversible with isopropyl alcohol, acid-free, and buffered with magnesium carbonate. As well it has long fibers, and it is transparent. 

In conclusion, all types of commercial self-adhesive tapes should be avoided in historic document conservation and restoration.

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