By: Sherif Afifi | November 13, 2018

For those who always asking; why don't you use gloves in most of your YoutTube video tutorials about books and paper conservation. The answer is: most of the conservators believe that using gloves in many cases make them clumsy and more likely to create more damage to the object. Moreover, wearing gloves actually increases the potential for physically damaging fragile material through mishandling. I understand it looks more professional and in many times showy to watch a conservator wearing blue surgical gloves, but actually, it is not in need in most of the cases, especially in paper and book conservation, it is better to wash hands often rather than to wear gloves.
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By: Sherif Afifi | January 15, 2018

For rare books restoration and conservation purpose; in many cases, spine lining, and animal glue should be removed (cleaned off) completely, in order to restore and conserve the sewing or the spine.
Several techniques are used for loosening and clean off old glue from spines.
Be careful when you clean off the animal glue from the book spine. Watch this video tutorial, demonstrate one of the most applied practice.

  In this video methylcellulose solution with a concentration of 4% has been used (Viscosity: 2000 cPs at 2% in water, pH 7.0.)
Watch the video:


By: Sherif Afifi | December 30, 2017

What is Electroluminescent

The most common electroluminescent (EL) devices are composed of either powder (primarily used in lighting applications) or thin films for information displays (Wikipedia).

To put it simply, EL lamps or "high field electroluminescent" lamps use electric current directly through a phosphor to make light. Unlike most lamps, they can be shaped to be extremely flat, or in narrow wire-like shapes. Electroluminescence or "EL" is the non-thermal conversion of electrical energy into light energy. This phenomenon is used in EL lamps, LEDs, and OLEDs (edisontechcenter)

In the field of paper and book restoration and conser...

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By: Sherif Afifi | December 14, 2017

Florida Antiquarian Book Fair: Join us December 16 for a visit with the head of r...: Sherif Afifi, Head of the Rare Books Restoration Unit of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, will join us in the Cafe for what promises to be an ex ...>>>

🔴 RARE BOOK CAFE 3.0: The man who saves damaged rare books – We talk with Sherif Afifi, conservator at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, one of the wonders of the modern world. We learn the secrets of his endeavor and how modern technology helps rescue ancient tomes.
Posted by Rare Book Cafe on Saturday, December 16, 2017

Last year R...

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