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Here you will find a variety of easy to follow how-to and tutorials on manuscripts, books, documents and maps conservation as well as tutorials for historical and modern bookbinding, crafts and more.
I create mostly educational and tutorial videos and upload them regularly .

Latest Video Tutorial

How to sewing Byzantine Endband - Video tutorial
Byzantine Endband

How to sew a Byzantine Endband - Video tutorial
The only Step by step tutorial on YouTube explain How to make double cord Byzantine headband (Endband) (tranchefile )

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How to limp Vellum binding - Video tutorial
limp Vellum binding

How to make limp Vellum binding - Video tutorial

In this 15 min video tutorial, you will learn how to make limp vellum binding. Easy step by step.

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Watch how old Photo Conserved & SILVER MIRRORING Removed

Physical and Chemical Effects of Water on Albumen prints

In this study, a diagnostic of 19th-century Carte de Visite (CDV) albumen prints, has been performed before and after water treatment in order to evaluate the possibility of removing an albumen print from its secondary support and the effect of the treatment on the physical characteristics of the albumen layer. The basic aim of this study is to argue that a conservation intervention should not lead to any chemical or physical degradation of such rare photographs.

Photo type identification
Photo type identification

Numerous types of photographs appeared and then went out of favor throughout the 1800's. So, the first step in narrowing the possible date for your old photograph is to be able to identify 19th century photographs to determine what type you have. The information provided in this handy and light application can turn you into a proficient photo detective.

My Android Applications
My Android Apps

Recently i was working on some mobile applications specially for archival materials conservators, these application are available for FREE on Google Play as a handy and portable offline reference and guide.
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